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Providing support after the installation is as important as providing the technology. CVIT support is provided by physicists, programmers, physicians and technologists with extensive experience in cardiac PET and PET/CT to meet your needs.. Real-time support is available to help solve problems as they arise. CVIT support also provides a training program for clinicians and technologists as their PET program grows. CVIT is more than software, it is a promise to help you integrate the latest cardiac imaging technology into your overall practice. With the purchase of ImagenPRO®p, ImagenQ™, you also receive on site training on implementation and integration of this power technology into your practice pattern. After installation, CVIT is there for you from your first day, and each day thereafter. Using a remote desktop environment, CVIT can quickly respond to your questions: providing real time collaboration and support. CVIT’s support is more than fixing a problem, it is true collaboration in real time.
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