The Industry Standard ImagenPRO®:
Don’t settle for promises, get the proof!

  • 30 minute rest stress acquisition times
  • Compatibility with most dedicated cardiac systems
  • Support for PET/CT
  • Patented transmission reconstruction algorithm
  • Validated, FDA approved 3D imaging
  • Support for most interpretive software
  • INCLUDES CVIT’s “Real Time, Real Answers™” support

ImagenPRO®, offers a complete, state of the art cardiac PET software environment for processing and interpreting cardiac PET studies. Used by almost 100 sites across the United States, ImagenPRO® is the largest 3rd party reconstruction and post-processing environment in cardiac PET today.

ImagenPRO® offers:

  • Complete, intuitive and interactive misregistration correction.
  • Iterative OSEM Reconstruction for non-gated and ECG gated datasets.
  • 3D Fourier based, “Butterworth” noise suppression.
  • Our patented Bayesian iterative transmission reconstruction algorithm for maximizing transmission quality and allows transmission scanning times to be reduced from 5 minutes to as short as 60–90 seconds.
  • Dicom export to most image review environments.
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ImagenPRO® supports:

  • Siemens ECAT ACCEL
  • Siemens HR+
  • Siemens EXACT-47
  • Dedicated GE PET systems, i.e. Advance NXi
  • GE Pre-Dimension Console PET/CT systems, i.e. Discovery LS and DST

*WARNING: Federal law restricts this device to sale, distribution and use by or on the order of a physician and other practitioners licensed by the law of the State in which the device is used. Specific training in the use of this device is required. For Support, go to