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  • Misregistration:
    Misregistration is identified as one of the most significant sources of image artifacts in cardiac PET, and can lead to up to 40% of studies being misinterpreted (Gould L, JNM 2007; 48 No. 7 1112-1121). ImagenPRO® Cardiac PET workstation provides interactive misregistration correction that can remove these challenging artifacts.
  • Quality Control:
    Quality control can be particularly challenging. The Imagen environments offer unique quantitative and qualitative assessments of image quality and data integrity. By reviewing each study with our ImagenMD tools , you can have confidence in the each interpretation.
  • Training:
    Cardiovascular Imaging technologies is more than a software company, it is a solution for building a high quality cardiac imaging program. CVIT’s personnel are some of the most highly regarded scientists and technologists in cardiac imaging today. With on-site and online training solutions, CVIT can help your cardiac imaging program deliver excellence with your first patient and each one thereafter.
  • CVIT Technical Service and Support:
    CVIT’s ongoing service and support program is more than software support, it is program support. Our scientific, technology and programming experts are available in real time to answer your questions and solve your problems.
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